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seekerandsoughtOver the last few years, Ashvin Iyengar has quickly developed a fanbase for his poetry.  I can remember him calling me on the phone to read a poem he had recently finished only to pause several times through, fighting back his tears.  Clearly, his poems come from a place of deep inner truth and are an expression of a genuine search and longing for a lasting happiness.  Perhaps it’s the universality of these poems that makes them so widely appealing to the many people who eagerly anticipate hearing each new one as it arrives.

The exciting news is that his first book of poetry, The Seeker and the Sought, is now in print and will soon be shipped to the US.  For those interested in getting a first edition copy, or to congratulate the poet yourself, you can email him at: seeker_and_the_sought –@–

Here is the first poem from the book:

The Reluctant Student

I am ready to learn –
Let the teachings flow.
Let them come in any form
or shape or size.
Let them come bring a smile
Let them come tear my heart apart
Let them come like ripples on a lake
or like a gigantic, tidal wave
or like a tide dying out.
Like light streaming through a window
or a door closing gently.
Like a song, painfully beautiful
or the primal scream of an infant.
Like friends rushing to greet me
or the sound of footsteps receding.
the shell has cracked
just a little.