chinnaswamy011I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve updated this blog.  It’s certainly not from any lack of material. :)  We have spent every day now for a long while in constant sprint-to-the-finishline mode.

On January 16th, we pulled off something miraculous.  With time very much not on our side, we hosted the creation of the “World’s Largest Love Letter” in M. Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium in Bangalore, written from the kids of India to the children of Pakistan.  It was a fantastic event, with 500 kids in attendance and kids literally painting the letter on site. It brought a huge amount of attention to our efforts and to the overwhelming goodness that is pouring out of these kids.  It was even televised live to over 200 million viewers.  Definitely read more about this letter.

Though some things have come pretty easy, many things have not and we are blessed to have a team of truly heroic people that keep making the nearly impossible just barely happen.

From Bangalore the letter is now travelling up to Mumbai, where it will soon be featured at another grand event at Wankhede Cricket Stadium, after undergoing some more artistic embellishment.

Please stay tuned.  I’m holding back.  This story is getting wilder and wilder all the time.