butterfly3Today, I got an awesome email.

A year ago, my good friend, Sandra from North Carolina, was down with advanced breast cancer – her estimated chances of survival were almost none.

With the help of some friends, we created a care package for her from across the country. At UC Berkeley campus, where she attended, we created a large mandala out of chalk, and printed out hundreds of butterflies, which we had random people color and write messages of hope for her.

I had planned to mail these to her, but as word of this story started leaking out, an anonymous gift came to me in the form of plane tickets to North Carolina. This was quickly followed by another anonymous gift of a rental car, and a few offers of places to stay while in North Carolina. It was a truly miraculous event where so many people came together in the truest spirit of kindness and giving – all pouring their hearts, prayers, and good wishes to this one young woman, who they had never even met.

I then had the good fortune of visiting her and attaching these hundreds of beautifully colored butterflies on her ceiling to help lift her spirit.  [Check out the full story].  I think it helped a little as in her email today, she is now 13 months cancer-free!

butterfly_1Not only is Sandra recovering, but she is now using her reclaimed life to help lift spirits all around.  In Sandra’s words, “the butterflies of hope, of love, of kindness, of fun are taking off from all corners of the Americas.” From North Carolina, Costa Rica, and Los Angeles, school kids and others are making butterflies to give to cancer patients and others in their communities in need of a little dose of kindness.

Sandra’s sights are now focused on New Orleans. If you’d like to work together with Sandra, let me know.

If you’d like to send butterflies to anyone to pick up their spirits, you can download the following template (PDF).  Print it, photocopy it, cut out the butterflies, and have people color them and write messages on the backs.  It’s such a priceless activity to do… and gift to receive.

You’re awesome, Sandra!