I left behind
A home of incense and candles,
Of love and trust.
Abundance and joy

To walk in step
With a deeper surrender.

What exactly is it that I’m capable of reaching?
How much precisely
Am I capable of giving?

Life so often is filled with regrets,
Yet, here I am,
On the other side of regret,
Having followed that scary voice that said,
Into the unknown,
Into the dream.
Reach in, as deep as you can and give it all away.”

But here,
It is not always so clear.
And at moments like now,
The incense and candles,
The love and trust,

Abundance and joy…

Home seems so dear,
So near,
And so far away.

Having taken
A step away from Love,
It would be unforgivable not to take ten or one hundred or
one trillion steps
To an even Greater Love,
One that embraces both the home that is still there waiting,
And the darkness that drags on our world.

If I am to reach,
Let it be deep
And let it be now.

1 August 2005
Ahmedabad, India